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Guernsey 2021 will be the last for NatWest International

Wed, 03 Jun 2020

The NatWest International Island Games in Guernsey 2021 will be the last Games where NatWest International acts as the title sponsor. NatWest International and the International Island Games Association (IIGA) have worked together since 1998 and developed the Games into an international sporting association that makes a difference. The work to find a new partner for the IIGA has started but for now and up to Guernsey the main focus will be to ensure the NatWest International Island Games 2021 is another great step towards a better future for NatWest International, the IIGA and all of the Member Islands.


NatWest International took on sponsorship of the Games in 1998, working closely with the organisers to provide financial assistance to support the host islands and the IIGA. Funding has also been provided to sports associations in the Member Islands through the NatWest International Sports Development Programme. Over £200k has been awarded to support travel to events; the training and qualification of coaches and technical officials and for many sports development projects.    


Steve Camm, Managing Director of NatWest International said, “We are immensely proud of our long term involvement in the Island Games and the legacy that it has given to both athletes and member islands.  Hosting the games is a huge feat that brings real challenge for the host island, but the effect it can have on an Island and islanders has often been transformative in terms of sports infrastructure and achievement.  Bringing sport to spectators who would not normally get to see competition at this level and providing a launchpad for athletes who often go on to compete at Commonwealth, International and even Olympic level is a wonderful accomplishment. We would like to thank everyone we have been involved with during the 22 years of our sponsorship. While this is a decision that has been a couple of years in the making, it is fitting that our last event as sponsor is in the Channel Islands and we feel honoured to be able to pass the baton on to the new partner to take the games into a new era in such good shape. We have offered our support to the IIGA, as they seek to secure a new sponsorship agreement”


Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman, International Island Games Association, commented, “The IIGA and its Member Islands have learnt a lot from the professionalism demonstrated by  NatWest International. Together we have developed a sporting structure that is filled with friendship and international cooperation. We have organised eleven successful Games and  we have brought islands and islanders together as we have developed sports, friendship and communities all over the world. With great enthusiasm we are looking forward to organising the NatWest International  Island Games in Guernsey and will make sure those Games will be another highlight in the unique journey that NatWest International and IIGA have shared and benefitted from.”