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Falkland Islands Cub Scouts Rise to the IIGA 5k Challenge

Thu, 08 Jul 2021

On the 6th July 20 Cub Scouts from 1st Falkland Islands Admiral Sturdee’s Own Cub Scouts ran in the cold wet dark winter evening to compete in the IIGA 5k Challenge.

We had leaders on checkpoints at every road junction, ticking the names off as they went through and I was at the finish line recording their times.

All the Cubs completed their own personal challenges to finish the course, and the front runners even ran back to encourage the younger Cubs to get to the finish line. I was very proud of them and if at all possible would like them to be acknowledged.

They are aged 8-11 years, I enclose a picture of them just before we set off. As you can see they were dressed warm and with hi-viz for the cold dark evening


Cub runners and times :


Tom McKee / Jacob Ford 21.16

Scott Smith 24.56

Jacob Stroud 28.02

Tyler Williams 28.13

Sam Mountford 28.16

Izaak Ashbridge 30.35

Ethan Elsby 32.51

Jack Mountford 33.55

Laura Bates 34.45

Oliver Berntsen 34.50

Seb Gilbert 44.50

Ollie Bonner 44.51

Thomas McLean /Matthew Ellis / Kalani Sukhnarain 44.55

Euan Whitfield 47.03

Alvin McLaren 47.08

Jake Sheriff / Benji Bruna Hewitt 48.22