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Legacy of the Games

What are the benefits of Hosting the NatWest International Island Games for both the Host Island and the local Community?

The NatWest International Island Games has always been about more than the delivery of an outstanding sporting event. The Games leave behind more than just good memories and friendships from a week of great sporting competition.

One of the main objectives should be to ensure that the Host Island and its residents are left with the most positive legacy with regard to venues, infrastructure, expertise and experience.

Legacy is a complex subject, as many of the benefits of an event may not be seen until years later. Some may be dependent on continued support from government/local authorities once the Games Organising Committee has ceased to exist and others although sometimes difficult to measure are felt by the local population.

There are many types of impact/legacy to consider:

  • The creation of new sporting venues (or the upgrading of the existing ones), which has the potential for post-Games community/special events use (developing sports and encouraging the Host Island's population to be more physically active.
  • The creation and modernisation of the (tourism) infrastructure (hotels, airport, roads etc)
  • The representation of a Host Island and its culture.
  • Enhancing the Host Island's international image and demonstrating that they can deliver major events on the world stage.
  • Using the presence of the international media to send out various messages to the rest of the world (including the creation of a favourable tourist image for the Host Island).
  • The involvement of the community as volunteers.
  • The development of skills and knowledge of local people.
  • Economic benefit from the Games (increased tourism and business activity).
  • Using the Games to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage and culture of other Member Islands and developing the Host Island's international links.
  • The pride, life-long memories and feel-good factor for the local population.


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