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Guernsey - 2003

Legacy - Guernsey Host to the NatWest Island Games X

Q.     What do you see as the biggest legacy of hosting the NatWest Island Games on your island in 2003?

A.      There were two major legacies:-

Upgraded facilities in particular the brand new Footes Lane Stadium and the brought forward  renovation of Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, which was its first major renovation in almost 25 years. Other sports facilities were enhanced which still continue to benefit Guernsey Sport.

The NatWest Island Games were a catalyst for the States Recreation Committee to re-organise their role in the administration of Guernsey sport and led directly to the formation of the Guernsey Sports Commission, which partly funded by the States of Guernsey and private individual and commercial sponsors has been the biggest influence on the huge advances made within Guernsey sport since 2003.

Q       What were the impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games on sport (including venues) and physical activity on your island?

A.       See above. Plus people were enticed back into sport. Past competitors returned, new ones emerged and numerous officials, adminstrators and coaches were attracted to the various sports

Q.       Did hosting the Games in 2003 influence the popularity and importance of the NatWest Island Games on your island?

A       Yes.The Guernsey population has become firm supporters of the NatWest Island Games, and through the extensive written and broadcasting media coverage of the Games by Guernsey media outlets, are extremeley knowledgeable about the Games and are proud of the achievements of Guernsey competitors. The Guernsey population wholeheartedly embraced the 2003 Games with in excess of 16,000 people attending the Opening Ceremony alone.

Q        What were the economic impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games on your island?

A     The main economic benefit was to the Guernsey Island Games Association which received between £45,000.00 and  £50,000.00 from the surplus made by the Games organising body and a charitable trust called the friends of the Guernsey Island Games Association which organised fund raising events both before and during the 2003 Games. That legacy has helped the Guernsey Island Games Association to make all the Games since 2003 a little more affordable to Guernsey Sports by meeting some of the costs which would otherwise have had to be met by the sports themselves such as the Guernsey Team kit.

There were obvious economic benefits to Guernsey in having so many people visiting Guernsey for the Games, together with the economic growth provided by the enhancements to facilities, but that has never been quantified by the States of Guernsey.

Plus commercial companies through their sponsorship of the Games came to recognise the benefit of linking commerce with sport and the benefits that both can achieve through this relationship. Other companies who did not sponsor the Games have also come to recognise the benefits that can be achieved through sports sponsorship.

Q       What were the social impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games, particularly in terms of volunteering, the cultural sector and community engagement?

A       See above. Plus the States of Guernsey became more aware of the social impact of sport and that has influenced a number of States of Guernsey policies. The cultural sector has recognised through the Guernsey Sports Commission the importance of organising properly and there is now a Guernsey Arts Commission which is now carrying out the same role in the arts, leisure and culture fields.